Throughout all of my past blog and essays, topics that further interested me include the Celebrity Chef Bibliography, the Favorite food out of the tasting day blog, and the Food Preparation Essay. The Celebrity Chef Bibliography allowed the use of the Food Network ,which provided an easier access and more motivation for my selection of Celebrity Chefs. From witnessing multiple competition and tutorial shows, the preference of celebrity chef gave me an inclination of essay topics as well as have prior information given forth by the shows the chef starred and hosted in. The prior background within such shows, Restaurant Impossible and Chopped, interested me more within the topic. Within the favorite food blog, much attentiveness to the taster’s preference of food seemed ideal and describing a favorite food contained detail referencing to the first taste and emphasizing the worth for myself. This blog brought into the class much diversity and information to a college students favorite food. The Food Preparation Essay enlightened my perspective of servers. As with the multiple research required for this essay, much information of certain aspects of restaurants became visible. This essay contained much about a server’s role in society. As a server within a restaurant myself, this topic brought forth much interest and curiosity for the research referencing a server’s role in society. These past blogs and essays interested me for it’s relation to prior information regarding food.


Robert Irvine

Food Network offers a variety of cooking shows, ranging from competitions to tutorials. An example of a show, varying from a regular cooking show stars, Robert Irvine, in Restaurant Impossible. The show begins with a mission and opens with, “Chef Irvine has 2 days and $10,000 to do the impossible”. In order to complete his mission Chef Irvine must renovate and improve a failing restaurant in 2 days with the budget of $10,000. 

Not only known for his improvisation within Restaurants, Chef Irvine appears in food competitions as well. Such including, Dinner Impossible: Worst Chefs in America, The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs, Chopped All stars and various others. 

Robert Irvine was raised in Wiltshire, England, and had begun his cooking career at the age of 15, upon enlisting in the Royal Navy for culinary training. Once his training was completed, Irvine served aboard the Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Britannia. He had also served to the Naval Mess in the West Wing of the White House. After his 10 year tour of duty, Irvine became an executive chef among various cruise ships.

Group Research at the Library

1) Research source: Library Cataog

2) Topic: Soup Kitchen

3) Search Term: Soup Kitchen

4) Result: 55 results

The first article provided the necessary information regarding the soup kitchen’s role in modern state welfare and provides detailed examples ranging from different times and location, such as Jerusalem in the early 20th century.

5) Unrelated/ Unsuccessful Search Terms: soup kitchen + servers + society, The unsuccessful search resulted from too many specific terms.


Gal, John, and Mimi Ajzenstadt. “The Long Path from a Soup Kitchen to a Welfare State in Israel”. Journal of Policy History. 25.2 (2013): 240-263. EBSCOhost. 24 October 2013.

Research Day

Using the Martin Luther King Library to locate three sources of evidence: a chapter from a book, a magazine article, and a newspaper article, I expect to use the articles and databases as a valuable resource. I expect to find topics from each of the sources of evidence by narrowing my search using Eric via Ebsco and various other databases. The research expected to find in a chapter, consists of information of past job employment of servers, within the current or past magazine articles I expect to find point of views from servers (interviews), and a newspaper article, of any past or present social issues concerning servers in restaurants. 

Interview of a SJSU DC employee

Tasting Day!


Tuesdays’s tasting day left a lot to be desired. The different samples of the class’s favorite food revealed much about the student’s choice of food, specifically a generalization of a college student’s favorite food. My Favorite food from the tasting would be the Mozzarella, Ricotta, Chicken, Marinera Sauce, Bacon and Pineapple Pizza from Pieology. Pieology Pizzeria recently opened their first store in San Jose and had originated from Fullerton. Pieology offers customers choices to build upon their own pizza similarly to Chipotle, with their build your own, custom foods. The Pizza brought in, contained a thin and crunchy crust with Mozzarella cheese and slightly sweet Marinera Sauce as the base of the pizza, and with it topped of Ricotta cheese, chicken, bacon and pineapple. The Pineapple brings forth a refreshing and tangy taste as the chicken and bacon provide the savory element. The unmelted Ricotta Cheese crumbled on top takes the Mozzarella cheese from the base and adds another dimension as with the different tastes of cheese upon different layers of the pizza. Pieology requires much wise decisions regarding the selections of toppings, but when implemented well, one can create a unique and custom pizza.  

Interview at the Farmer’s Market

My Interview with the Owner Dawn Devincenzi of the Old Macdonald’s Farmer’s Market

“Chop, Fry, Boil” Group Anaylsis

Homemade meals using Bitmann’s three recipes of Chop, Fry, Boil  prove to be healthier, cheaper, environmentally friendlier, and more practical than conventional food. According to the article, the common American spends most of their time observing others cook, when they could be doing the cooking themselves. Bitmann further compares fast food and fresh food prices, to show that fresh foods are more affordable.

French Toast Recipe

(Yields 2 Servings)

1) Gather all the Ingredients:

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Of Milk


4 Slices of Bread 

2) Within a bowl whisk eggs and milk together 

3) Place a frying pan on a stove in Medium Heat 

4) Melt butter just enough to cover the surface of the frying pan 

5) Dip the bread into the egg and milk mixture, keeping in mind both sides much be wet. In order to ensure the mixture has been integrated into the bread.

6) Remove excess mixture by using a fork to allow the bread to drip over the bowl.

7) Place the slices of bread into the pan and turn over when one side of the bread is slightly brown and cook the remaining side. 

8) Remove the cooked slices of bread onto a plate.

Optional: Sprinkle Powdered Sugar

Add cinnamon on top 

Add syrup